Sunday, March 04, 2012

What happened to the Spring?

I came awake early this morning so just got up and headed for the hills.  It was raining when I left the flat but when I got to the hill it had turned to snow.   It was big heavy flakes, large and wet making the ground soaked and slippy. 

I got to the tops just behind a couple of runners who, judging by their footprints were just in normal shoes which would have made them slide all over the place.   It was so different from last week and indeed, from the rest of this week when the days had started to feel like Spring was here - warmer temperatures and longer days.  Today though it was back to winter, snow deep underfoot and a cold wind.  Still, beneath it all it was spring.  It was snowing but the ground was not frozen.  It was a bit of a tease.

I continued all the way to Allermuir and then carried on to drop down to the road, back along the road and then returning to the summit of Allermuir.  Returning along the tops and then back to the car. 

Almost 2 hours on the hill.  No sunrise but an exhilarating morning nevertheless.  I am looking forward to spring and summer mountains now.

 It was a morning for wildlife too - I saw a couple of deer, grouse flying round and a kestrel hunting.  Here is one of the grouse:

The rest of the photos

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